David Brooke's CRUX Ports

To install the ports in this repository copy dbrooke.httpup and dbrooke.pub to /etc/ports and enable the contrib repository

Please report any issues with these ports on GitHub or to the email in the Pkgfile

PortVersionDescriptionLast modified
airspy-host1.0.9-2host software for AirSpy SDR communications receiver2020-01-22
cheetah-template2.4.4-2template engine and code generation tool2018-11-04
csdr0.15-1A simple DSP library and command-line tool for Software Defined Radio2019-04-17
direwolf1.6-1a software "soundcard" modem/TNC and APRS encoder/decoder2020-10-29
gnuradio3.9.0.0-1signal processing blocks to implement software radios2021-01-18
goocanvas2.0.4-1a canvas widget for GTK+ that uses the cairo 2D library for drawing2019-04-28
gpredict2.2.1-1real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction2019-04-28
gqrx2.14.4-1software defined radio receiver2021-01-12
gr-osmosdr0.2.0-1osmocom Gnu Radio Blocks2020-04-17
gtkdatabox0.9.3.1-2a widget for live display of large amounts of fluctuating numerical data2020-12-28
gtml3.5.4-1an HTML pre-processor2018-11-04
hamlib4.1-1library to control radio transceivers and receivers2021-03-07
iio-oscilloscope0.14-master-1a GTK+ based oscilloscope application for interfacing with various IIO devices2021-03-07
kicad5.1.7-1open source electronics design automation suite2020-09-28
kicad-footprints5.1.7-1open source electronics design footprint library2020-09-28
kicad-packages3D5.1.7-1open source electronics design 3D model library2020-09-29
kicad-symbols5.1.7-1open source electronics design symbol library2020-09-28
kicad-templates5.1.7-1open source electronics design template library2020-09-28
libad9361-iio0.2-1manage AD9361 devices and create device specific FIR filters2020-06-28
libiio0.21-1generic access to Industrial Input Output (IIO) devices2020-09-28
limesuite20.10.0-1Driver and GUI for LMS7002M-based SDR platforms2020-10-29
log4cpp1.1.3-1log4ccp is a simple to use C++ logging API.2020-04-17
matio1.5.19-2a C library for reading and writing MATLAB MAT files2020-11-07
ngspice34-1open source mixed-level/mixed-signal circuit simulator2021-03-07
oceOCE-0.18.3-1opencascade community edition, a C++ 3D modeling library2018-11-04
pybind112.6.1-1A lightweight header-only library that exposes C++ types in Python and vice versa2021-01-18
qsstv9.4.4-1receive and transmit SSTV and HAMDRM2020-05-10
qwt6.1.6-1extension to the Qt4 GUI application framework 2021-01-12
rtl-sdr0.6.0-1software to turn the RTL2832U into a SDR2019-04-17
shapelib1.5.0-1Tools and C library for manipulation of ESRI Shapefiles2019-04-28
soapy-remote0.5.2-1remote support for Soapy SDR2020-09-27
soapy-sdr0.7.2-1Vendor and platform neutral SDR support library2020-01-27
tigervnc1.11.0-1a high-performance, platform-neutral implementation of VNC2020-10-30
v4l-utils1.18.1-1packages for handling media devices2020-05-10
volk2.4.1-1Vector-Optimized Library of Kernels2021-01-12
xastir2.1.6-1X Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting2020-04-17

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